Technology wizards visit Iraq

The U.S. State Deparment have organised a trip to Iraq for executives from internet giants Google Inc, Twitter and AT&T Inc, to give ideas on how new technologies could “help foster transparency, strengthen civil society and generally empower people”. It has the aim to help build a more ‘accountable society’ as reported by Reuters.

This very site, WordPress/Automattic is also being represented to introduce blogging technology as well as other sites, like You Tube for video sharing, Meetup, a website that allows people to organise or join local communities and Howcast, where one can watch how-to videos.

MCS1985008K101The trip, which executives should be on at the moment, goes from the 19th to the 23rd of April and according to Reuters, perhaps reflects on a slightly improved,  less violent situation in Iraq. But, although the violence may have fallen, suicide bombs are still a major concern with one on Monday that killed four policeman in the northeast of the country.

The Washington Post also have a piece regarding the executives in Iraq with a large exert from the State Departments statement where they envision this new technology “as a tool for smart power”. The Washington Post ends on a more skeptical note saying, “That’s right. After six years of war, Silicon Valley is coming to save Iraq. Or not.”


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